Holistic approach with canin osteopathy

Canine Osteopathy

Osteopathy for dogs is based on the same principals as human osteopathy. It's a manual method, based on principals from anatomy, embryology, neurology and physiology. Due to the holistic approach, the equine osteopath looks at the complete horse. In practice this means that the equine osteopath does not look at a problem in his local context, but he considers that each structure can cause at distance another problem. So he reasons in cause/consequence chains.

A nerve departs from each vertebra (to the left and right). When a vertebra is blocked, the corresponding nerve gives disturbed information to the muscle and causes tension in this muscle. By relaxing the tensed muscle or set free a joint or manipulate a vertebra, the nerve stimulation is restored and the muscle can relax. The body of the horse is again able to recuperate his balance and to cure himself. The performance of the horse will become better.

Cats can also be helped with osteopathy.


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